Lakeline Vision Source's mission is to "WOW" our patients.

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Be the Best Optometric practice in Austin!

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Each of our staff members are educated, trained and certified...

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PRIMARY EYE CARE includes a comprehensive vision and eye health examination.

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Dr. Susan Shauger

Dr. Kim Slaughter

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson

Dr. "K" Dipa Kodukula

Dr. Brianne Neale Poole

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Kim Marez Slaughter, OD

Dr. Kim Slaughter enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and their two golden retrievers, Zoe and Bob. She enjoys running, cycling, and golf. She completed her first triathlon in 2011 and looks forward to competing in another triathlon and finishing the Austin Distance Challenge in 2012.

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Susan Shauger, OD

Dr. Susan Shauger enjoys swimming, hiking, reading, and traveling in her free time.

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Laurie Sorrenson, OD, FAAO

Dr. Laurie Sorrenson's hobbies include weight lifting, scuba diving, and trying out new restaurants and recipes. She loves being the wife of Joel Hickerson and mother to her 3 children, Eric, Caleb and Sydney.

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Dipa Kodukula, OD

"Dr K" Dipa Kodukula, OD enjoys spending time with her husband, Satish and their son and daughter. Her hobbies include cooking, music, and aerobics.

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Dr. Brianne Neal Poole

Dr. Brianne Neal Poole most enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter and their rescue dachshund Reilly in her free time. She also loves to bake, kayak, read and watch UT sports. She is interested in learning foreign languages and is currently working on American Sign Language.

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At Lakeline Vision Source we love being able to help people see better, look better and feel better...and we have fun doing it!

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Austin, Texas. Lakeline Vision Source opened its doors here on April 18, 1995. We have grown with our city and are very proud to call Austin, Texas our home.

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Lakeline Vision Source Family

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"It's a pleasure to come to your office. Your staff is very warm and friendly. I feel like I am seeing old friends when I visit... "- D.M.

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Welcome to Lakeline Vision Source

We will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day. We will reopen Tuesday at 8:30am.

Lakeline Vision Source's mission is to "WOW" our patients. "WOW" the patient with the best in technology, the best optometric service, the best in products but most importantly to "WOW" the patient by listening and taking care of the patient's eye health and visual needs.

We have convenient office hours, we are open late Monday through Thursday and are open Saturday. We have over a 1000 eyeglasses in stock and are continually adding new exciting frame lines. 

Our optometric team, including Dr. Laurie Sorrenson, Dr. Kim Slaughter, Dr. Susan Shauger, Dr. Brianne Neal Poole, and Dr. Dipa Kodukula, provides expert eye care service to Northwest Austin and Cedar Park. Getting the right prescription for your eyeglasses or contact lenses is an important part of good eye care. But seeing clearly is just one part of your overall eye health. It’s important to have regular eye exams with a Lakeline Vision Source optometrist whether or not you wear eyeglasses or contacts.

Our optometric practice is located near Lakeline Mall, at the border of Cedar Park and NorthWest Austin, Texas. Call 512-918-3937, schedule an appointment online, or just drop in to look at our new frame collections!

Take a tour of our office!



May 2015
I enjoyed the large open setting, and the glass windows all around the building. I had an enjoyable experience from the receptionist to the tech (Kendra?). Doctor Thom? And his intern were pleasant as well. The new location and hardware was impressive and of course, clean. Scherrie helped me chose my frames and learned my style quickly. She found me plenty of options and offered advice, all while being patient so I could find the perfect pair. The free Starbucks coffee at the end of my visit was the cherry on top! Although, the excellent customer service was enough for me to want to share my visit! I live in downtown Austin and Lakeline VS is worth the drive for sure.
Sheila G. 
San Antonio, TX

July 2015
1 check-in
Thought I would try this new vision out and was impressed with the modern touch and the service from the front desk assistance to the eye exam. When I was finished I went to look for frames and was helped by Marcus. He was awesome! Great find and worth your time!
Jeff A.
Dublin, CA

June 2015
My son had a mishap with his glasses and the lens popped out. Lakeline vision source was able to repair his glasses within 10 minutes and gave us a new case - all at no cost. Each time we visit them, everyone is smiling and very courteous!!!
Julie E.
Morrisville, PA

March 2015
What great customer service. My daughter has coloboma in one eye and really wanted a colored lens to mask it. The team here really went out of their way to find the perfect solution that met her vision needs while still providing the cosmetic needs of my 12 year old daughter. Everyone here is very friendly and their willingness to go hunting for the perfect solution for my daughter meant a lot. Great people.
Pete S.

January 2015
I first started seeing Dr. Laurie Sorrenson in 1995. At that time I did not understand the importance of regular checkups for the prevention of eye disease. I would just see optometrists whenever I felt my prescription needed updating. Dr. Sorrenson always insists on a comprehensive examination for new patients and as a result she discovered I had retina detachments in both eyes. She referred me to a retina specialist she trusted and three days later I was in a hospital having surgery. Not to seem overly dramatic but had Dr. Sorrenson focused solely on my vision correction I might not have sight in either eye today. The specialist was also very impressed and remarked that he had never known a detachment diagnosed during a routine exam from an optometrist. My family and I have routinely seen Dr. Sorrenson and her associates ever since. Most of the employees I see each time I visit are the same faces year after year. They are professional and compassionate. If you are concerned about the health of your eyes and ensuring they will serve you throughout your life and not just how well you can read today, Lakeline Vison is a place you should check out.
Howard L

October, 2014
Great experience EVERY time! I went somewhere else once or twice due to location but started going back because I just like them so much. Very professional. Punctual. Flexible. They do a great job following up. They really take care you!
Grant P.
Cedar Park, USA