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What Is An Eye Chart And How Does It Help Optometrists?

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If you’ve ever had an eye exam, you’re almost certainly familiar with the eye chart of letters on the wall that your eye doctor has you read from.

What are Eye Charts?

In 1862, a Dutch eye doctor named Dr. Herman Snellen created the first eye chart to assess monocular and binocular visual acuity. Although other eye charts exist, Snellen eye charts have remained the most popular eye chart used by eye care professionals. They’re probably what you’re used to seeing when you visit your eye doctor.

In addition to Snellen letter charts, there is a Stellen picture chart designed for children and adults who don’t have the ability to read.

What are Eye Charts Used For?

Eye charts test for visual acuity — how sharp your eyesight is. Your ability to see the letters is what tells your optometrist if you need glasses or contact lenses to see better, or if you need a change in lens prescription.

By analyzing the results of how clearly you see each line, your optometrist is able to formulate an accurate and personalized lens prescription.

On a Snellen eye chart, normal vision is considered 20/20 — meaning a person with perfect eyesight can clearly view an object from 20 feet away. If you have 20/50 vision, it means that you can clearly see an object from 20 feet away that a person with perfect eyesight could see from 50 feet away.

Eye charts are used during most routine eye exams, which are recommended every 1-2 years, or as often as your optometrist recommends.

Next time your eye doctor has you read letters of the eye chart, you’ll know a little more about what’s going on and why. To schedule your eye exam, contact Lakeline Vision Source in Lakeline Vision Source today!

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