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Sports Vision Training

What is Sports Vision Training?

Sports vision training works on enhancing an athlete’s vision abilities to take their game to the next level. Our Sports Vision Specialist, Dr. Eric Hammond, creates individualized training plans on a sport-specific basis to build visual skills, custom-tailored to each athlete and sport.

Vision skills are important in sports performance, whether you play golf, soccer, baseball, basketball or racket sports. Many professional athletes work on their sports vision, but so do high school and college athletes as well as recreational golfers, tennis and racquetball players – even ping pong and billiards players. Some professionals can benefit from the same vision training, including law enforcement personnel and pilots.

From the weekend warrior to the professional athlete to the young new athlete, we provide the visual tools for you to perform with greater accuracy, efficiency and endurance. And, even if you have an eye exam every one or two years and your eyes are healthy, you can still receive added benefit from seeing an eye care practitioner who specializes in sports vision. A typical eye exam doesn’t test every single vision skill; sports vision testing is more extensive. This is because it evaluates how you use your vision while moving around outdoors and interacting with other objects and players.

When you visit Dr. Hammond, Lakeline Vision Source’s sports vision specialist, you will receive a complete eye exam during which he will ask you lots of questions about your activities. Based on your answers, Dr. Hammond will determine which tests will best assess your sports-related needs.

The performance testing we do can assess hand-eye coordination, anticipation, concentration, agility and quickness.

These tests may include:

  • Computerized tests that measure your reactions.
  • Slides seen through a special viewer.
  • Depending on the sport, actual on-field measuring of your reactions to various sport situations. Dr. Hammond may decide to attend your games or matches, or study video of your games or matches to evaluate your vision performance
  • As a sports vision specialist he can advise you about appropriate eyewear for your activity, specialty contact lens fittings, even how to deal with eye injuries.

Most of the time, after only one visit our specialist can set you on your way to better sports vision skills. However, Dr. Hammond will usually create a comprehensive training program that requires several visits to complete. He will want to be sure that you devote adequate time and effort to developing your visual skills so they become second nature. Vision, like speed and strength, is one of the most important components in how well you play and excel at your sport.

Lakeline Vision Source’s Sports Vision Program Includes:

  • Comprehensive Eye/Vision Exam
  • Sports Vision Analysis
  • Sports Vision Therapy
  • Access to the latest and most advanced technology in Sport Glasses, Sunglasses & Eye Protection

Lakeline Vision Source’s Sports Vision Analysis will Assess:

  • Visual Acuity/Contrast Sensitivity
    Discern detail of an object at all distances.
  • Eye Movement Skills
    Make quick, directed eye movements.
  • Eye Focusing
    Quickly focus on an object at any distance & keep it clear.
  • Depth Perception
    Judge relative distances between objects.
  • Eye-Hand-Body Coordination
    Direct the hands, feet or body efficiently due to visual stimuli.
  • Peripheral Awareness
    Be aware of surroundings while attending to objects straight ahead.
  • Visual Memory
    Remember a fast moving, complex picture of people and things.
  • Visual Reaction Time
    The speed that your brain interprets and reacts to visual stimuli.
  • Visualization Skills
    Seeing yourself performing in your “mind’s eye.”

Lakeline Vision Source’s Sports Vision Therapy will Enhance:

  • Visual/spatial perception
  • Gross/fine motor coordination
  • Balance/equilibrium
  • Speed of visual/motor response

Call Lakeline Vision Source today and set up your initial appointment with Dr. Hammond our Sports Vision Specialist.

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