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Keeping an Eye on Your Smartphone

Lately, it seems challenging to find someone who doesn't own some sort of smartphone. We can't deny that these devices are wonderful, because they allow us to stay in touch with whoever we want almost always. However a lot of people tend to hold their phones and tablets very close to their faces. This gives way to a number of demands on your vision that require your eyes to operate in a way that's different to its normal activity.

Because people tend to hold smart phones so close, our eyes end up working overtime, just to focus on text and images. Over time, research shows this may lead to difficulty with focus and vision, especially for those who already wear glasses. If you already wear glasses, holding a device too close can make it a real challenge for your eyes to correct for distance. When your eyes work too hard, it usually leads to painful headaches as a result of the eyestrain.

But that's not all. There are other symptoms that can arise from holding your device too close to your eyes, including blurred vision and dry eyes, because excessive screen time lessens your blink rate.

What can we do keep our eyes strong, while still using our phones? In order to lessen these symptoms resulting from the use of our smartphones and tablets, it is recommended to make the text on your device much bigger and ensure that you keep your smart phone as far away from your eyes as you can. It's also recommended to try using your device for less time, and letting your eyes have regular breaks. We can't give up technology, but it's important to be smart about how we use it, in order to help preserve our vision.

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