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Focusing on Cataracts

Each June, optometrists in America commit to raising awareness about cataracts. Have you been informed that cataracts are the leading reason behind vision loss among adults aged 55 and older? In fact, more than half of all people 65 or older have some degree of cataract development.

So what exactly is a cataract? A cataract is a fogging of the lens; one that limits or alters the way light enters into the eye. In the interior part of the eye, the lens is found within a sort of sac or capsule. When aging cells die, they end up trapped inside the capsule. Over time, more cells die and accumulate, and this causes the lens to get hazy, which makes eyesight fuzzy or blurry. For most people, cataracts are a natural part of older age. Additional causes for developing a cataract include obesity, diabetes, family medical history, inflamed eyes, steroid use, cigarettes and various eye injuries.

In the initial phases of cataract development, stronger lighting and glasses may be used to reduce the vision issues you might experience. At some point, though, cataract surgery may be necessary in order to rectify your sight. More than 90% of patients who have cataract surgery recover great vision.

If you are in your sixties and experiencing low vision, it may be time to discuss cataracts with your eye care professional. The prognosis for cataracts is excellent, and we know you want to have good vision throughout your later years.

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