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Sports Eye Care & Sports Eyewear

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Eyesight for Athletes – Sports Vision Training in Cedar Park, TX

We invite you to benefit from our new specialty in Sports Vision. This field of eye care is the newest, cutting-edge way to up your performance. Read on for an explanation of what sports vision is all about.

Introducing High Performance Sports Vision Training

boy red shirt vision testingJust as athletes enhance performance by doing cardio and muscle exercises to strengthen and train the body, you can improve visual skills. Sports vision training makes you more focused, so you are a faster and more efficient athlete.

Our eye doctors will use a variety of conditioning techniques to boost different parts of your vision. A range of the latest sports vision technologies gives us the tools to give you a competitive edge, such as Neurotracker, Senaptic, and iGym. With these advanced devices, we will build your ability to see, think, and react quickly – which makes the difference between winning and losing!

Visual skills that our sports vision specialists can enhance include:

  • sports caucasian female sunglassesDynamic Visual Acuity:  allows a clear and sustained focus on quickly moving objects; also enhances dynamic balance
  • Hand-Eye-Foot Coordination: the coordinated processing of motor skills and visual cues needed for hand movement
  • Peripheral Awareness:  perception of what’s going on in the sidelines of your field of vision, without turning your head
  • Depth Perception:  enables spatial judgement about how far away a person or object is from you
  • Contrast Sensitivity:  helps you to differentiate between shades of light versus dark
  • Color Vision:  allows you to see different colors and thereby interpret subtle features in your surroundings

Depending on the sport you play, our sports eye care specialists will customize your training exercises to optimize different visual skill sets.

For example, team games require a high level of peripheral awareness, racquetball players must have outstanding eye-hand coordination, and skiers need precise contrast sensitivity to see the shadows of the snowy path before them. No matter your game, we will take your visual skills to a superior level, giving you elite athletic skills all-around.

Benefits of Sports Vision Training

  • Make faster, better decisions under pressure – in real-time on the field
  • Helps you stay focused and sharp throughout long games
  • Upgrades awareness of what’s going on around you
  • Builds your ability to perform multiple-object tracking
  • Enhances mental concentration – even at fast speeds
  • Raises your visual processing speed (which can feel like the game is slowing down so you have more time to think)

Not Just for Athletes

While sports vision training primarily targets athletes, anyone who wants to upgrade their concentration, coordination, awareness, decision-making, and reaction speed will benefit from these techniques.

In addition, people who work in occupations such as the military and law enforcement will be able to do their job more successfully with newer and stronger visual skills.

Sports vision training can also be used as an effective part of rehabilitation for concussion patients, senior citizens, and patients recovering from brain injury.

Sports Eyewear

swimmer teen close upSpecialty eyewear for sports includes protective designs, such as goggles and wraparound frames that reduce your risk of eye injury. Sports eyewear also includes performance-enhancing features, such as customized tinted lenses to match all conditions.

We have a wide selection of sports eyewear to suit the needs of every sport, including styles that fit into a helmet.

Visit our sports eye care center in Cedar Park, TX, anytime to discuss your needs, and we’ll fit you with the most appropriate sports eyewear to make your scores soar.

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