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Consider A Second Pair of Glasses

There are so many reasons why owning more than one pair of glasses is essential, from prescription sunglasses, sport or performance glasses, computer glasses, blue light blocking glasses, and a gorgeous pair for your evening out on the town.

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How many pairs of shoes do you own? While that answer largely depends on your particular lifestyle, chances are you own at least 5 pairs of shoes. You wouldn’t wear dressy shoes to the gym or your running shoes for an elegant event.

The same could be said for eyewear. Having at least two pairs of glasses should not be considered a luxury, as each pair has its place and purpose that surpasses style.

Aside from the obvious — having a backup pair in case the first pair gets lost or damaged — there are many other reasons why a second or third pair of glasses is necessary. Below we list a few of them:

Prescription Sunglasses Are a Must

Everybody needs a good pair of sunglasses to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. For those with a refractive error, prescription sunglasses offer optimal protection and perfect vision outdoors. Prescription sunglasses are also an excellent option for people who typically wear contact lenses with non-prescription sunglasses.

For extra protection and comfort, add your desired coatings and tints to suit your lifestyle needs. Most importantly, be sure to purchase lenses that block 100% of UVA and UVB radiation.

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Winter Sunglasses at Lakeline Vision Source

Optometrists agree that wearing sunglasses throughout the winter is more crucial than doing as such throughout the rest of the year. How come? Throughout the winter our eyes are more vulnerable to the sun's UVA and UVB rays, especially when the sun's rays are reflected back to our eyes from the ice and snow. Wearing UV Protection and Polarized sunglasses during the winter months can help lessen winter glare, snow blindness, and vision-related headaches.

When light reflects off the snow it causes dangerous glare and strain. Polarized lenses reduce this glare and eye strain. Another wonderful benefit to wearing high-quality polarized lenses are the risks of developing skin damage and premature aging (“crow’s feet”) around the eyes significantly diminishes.

Are There Benefits to Wearing Blue Light Glasses?

As mentioned above, computer glasses reduce blue light exposure from computer screens and other digital devices. But are they worth getting?

According to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation, blue light can cause retinal damage “at greater intensities,” but the amount of light emitted by screens is quite low. Whether there is a cumulative effect requires further research.

Getting Blue Light Glasses

If you decide to get blue-light blocking lenses, you can find stylish options with or without a prescription. So if you're farsighted and wear progressive lenses or bifocals, you can get single-lens computer glasses to match your prescription.

You may want to consider getting photochromic lenses, as they provide protection from both UV and blue light, whether indoors or out in the sun. These lenses seamlessly and automatically darken when exposed to UV rays outdoors, and become clear again when indoors.

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Sports Eyewear Is a Game-Changer

Wearing your everyday glasses while exercising or playing sports can hinder your performance due to concerns that your glasses may fall or get damaged. Investing in a quality set of sports eyewear will enable you to fully concentrate on the game while achieving clear and comfortable vision. There are several varieties of sports glasses that cater to each sport, all of which offer more protection and safety than traditional everyday glasses. Speak with the staff at Lakeline Vision Source, who will be happy to help you find the right eyewear for all your sporting needs.

Style Matters, Too

Lastly, an additional pair of glasses can be an excellent accessory that provides stylistic versatility and enhances any outfit you wear. Just as you wouldn’t pair the same shoes with every ensemble, so should your glasses add a little zest to your outfit and express your personal style.

Give yourself the chance to experience perfect vision in every moment of your day with a second or third pair of glasses. Contact Lakeline Vision Source at Cedar Park to discuss the best options for your lifestyle.

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