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All About Computer Vision and Neurolens

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Are headaches, dizziness, neck pain, eye strain, or eye fatigue a regular part of your life, especially after a long day spent on computers, tablets and smartphones? You may be suffering from the effects of misaligned eyes. Fortunately, our Cedar Park eye doctors offer specialized Neurolens glasses that address the problem and reduce or eliminate your symptoms.

But to understand how Neurolens can help, it’s important first to understand the problem. What does it mean to have misaligned eyes, and how is it connected to computer vision syndrome? Let’s take a look.

Misaligned Eyes and Computer Vision Syndrome

Our eyes are meant to work together as a team. When both eyes are properly aligned, each eye sends images to the brain, which allows the brain to effortlessly combine the two images into one cohesive 3-D image.

However, when the eyes are even slightly misaligned, each eye sends different visual information to the brain. The brain is not able to fuse these two images to create a 3D image, This forces the eye muscles and the brain to strain as they try to compensate for the eye’s misalignment..

This eye strain becomes more pronounced while doing close work. Looking at a computer,  smartphone, or tablet with misaligned eyes often results in computer vision syndrome, which is also called digital eye strain. Symptoms include eye fatigue, headaches, double vision and more.

This is where Neurolens comes in.

How Neurolens Glasses Can Help

Once our Cedar Park eye care team has determined that Neurolens glasses are the right solution for you, we will use patented Neurolens measurement technology to evaluate the level of your eye misalignment. This will allow us to customize your Neurolens prism lenses for your eyesight , so you can enjoy clear, comfortable vision.

Based on these measurements, your Neurolens prism lenses will have different corrective powers at different points, compensating for your misalignment both up close and at a distance. This helps the brain more easily combine visual information from both eyes, reducing your computer vision symptoms.

Want to learn more about how Neurolens can help reduce your computer vision symptoms? Contact our Cedar Park eye doctors at Lakeline Vision Source today!


Will computer vision syndrome go away on its own?

Usually not. Symptoms like blurry vision, eye strain and headaches often linger until the underlying cause is addressed. However, with improved digital screen habits and the use of prescription Neurolens prism glasses, symptoms can be managed and will eventually fade.

What causes your eyes to be misaligned?

Misaligned eyes can happen for a number of reasons. Some people are born with misaligned eyes, while others are acquired. Head injuries, especially those that affect communication between the eyes and brain, such as concussions, are a common cause.

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