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A Promising New Technique For Diagnosing Uveitis

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Uveitis is a rare autoimmune eye condition where the middle part of the eye, called the uvea, begins to swell, causing eye pain and vision changes such as double or blurry vision. It can be caused by an eye injury, disease or infection.

With proper treatment, most cases of uveitis will gettis better. If not treated properly or promptly, however, it can lead to vision loss. Between 5-10% of blindness cases worldwide result from uveitis that was improperly diagnosed or not treated quickly enough. Unfortunately, even if it’s caught early, it can be difficult to tell exactly which type of uveitis you have. Since different types of uveitis require different treatments in order to prevent loss of vision, it’s essential that your eye doctor be able to accurately and quickly tell which form you have.

This is why researchers have been investigating a new imaging technique that can assist in the diagnosis and differentiation of different types of this dangerous condition.

Research and Effective Diagnosis

A research team in Germany has recently spent time developing a new diagnostic technique known as color-coded fundus autofluorescence. This involves shining a light on the photosensitive tissue at the back of the eye, known as the retina, to see which colors it absorbs and which colors bounce back.

Using a specialized device, the light is analyzed by splitting it into green and red components. The ratio of red to green light absorbed provides tell-tale signs that can help your doctor determine which type of uveitis you’re suffering from.

Results from an evaluative study indicated that this newly developed test can be very helpful in diagnosing uveitis and indicating exactly what type you have. Armed with this new technology, your eye doctor can more easily and accurately make a diagnosis and create a treatment plan for your uveitis in the future.

Our practice is proud to offer this innovative new method of diagnosis for more accurate and effective treatment of our patients with uveitis. To learn more about uveitis and how we’re able to diagnose and treat it, come visit our Lakeline Vision Source in or give us a call at 512-918-3937 today!


How is uveitis diagnosed?

The easiest way for your eye doctor to detect uveitis is as part of a comprehensive eye exam that includes dilation of the eyes The exam is simple and painless, requiring only a few dilating drops to allow your eye doctor to take a look inside your eye for signs of uveitis or other eye conditions. The dilation should wear off in only a few hours.

How is uveitis treated?

Uveitis is normally treated with steroids in order to reduce inflammation. This helps to prevent symptoms and reduce the risk of vision loss. Because these medications can make it more likely for you to develop glaucoma and cataracts, it’s important to keep up with your annual eye exams so that your doctor can detect and treat issues early.

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